Das Internet geht nicht mehr weg

Realtime Web

Twitter and Friendfeed brought us the Realtime web, in which information go from one point to another with nearly no time delay. But how do we discover all the realtime information? Search?

The Twitter Search is just a tool to search a part the Realtime web and track trends or news. But where is a realtime web search to search the whole real time web: Friendfeed, live coverage, microblogging tools, moblogs and tumblr blogs.

But all that is just the tip of the iceberg. Since we stopped writing long letters and shipping the via mail to communicate, everything has become faster and the technology made conversations realtime: phones, IMs and somestimes e-mails (you know how fast I am with my e-mail responding!).

This is just the beginning. Soon information will spread even faster and that’s a syllogism, because otherwise we can’t handle the information. In 2009 or the year after, there will be the breakthrough of the Realtime web with tools we cannot imagine at the moment. Mobile will play a strong role, I predict.


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