On Traveling

The old dream of the human race: explore new places and go where you haven’t been before. It’s one of my dreams, too and it’s an aim in life for me to travel as often as possible.

In April this year, I will leave Europe and go accross the Pond for the first time in my life. I expect this to become a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me. I love traveling, although I am not able to travel as much as I want to. But that’s life. Additionally I’ve spent most of the money I earned from my first job at T3N on my travel to the US and a new camera, so there is not much money left for other trips.

When I will finish school in Summer 2010, I don’t know yet how I will continue. I can start studying then — or do something else. Maybe a round-the-world trip. I am young, I know. But in life you need to work hard and do what’s fun for you. And you need to start early if you want to achieve your goals.

I have already been to seven countries: Germany of course, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, France, Austria and Switzerland. I love to travel because I love to meet new people and get familiar with different cultures.

I remember a lot of vacations in Germany with my parents. They liked the ocean and we often went to Büsum at the North Sea.

We were at the Netherlands once to celebrate my Mum’s birthday outside Germany. It was cold in November and it was a brass monkey weather, but altought it was a lot of fun. We stayed in Zandvoort und North Holland for I guess three days.

If we did not go to the North Sea for vacation, we probably went to Italy. My aunt lives at the Garda Lake and when I was younger we often went there to visit her and her family. So I am actually quite familiar with the Italian culture. I love pasta and pizza.

In 1998 just before my school enrollment we went to Mallorca, Spain to spend some time over there. It was a great time at the beach with really tall waves. I really enjoyed the time.

Oh yeah, France. I was in Strasbourg on a Sunday just after the BarCamp in Offenburg, which is close to the France-German border. I posted some photos and texts here.

Austria and Switzerland are just countries I have passed with car.

That’s it. I will add the United Kingdom and United States to that list in April. I hope to expand the list a little bit in the next years. But I am confident.


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